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A new generation: Wi-Fi 7 is officially presented

    The Wi-Fi Alliance announced Wi-Fi 7 at CES 2024. Now let’s talk about what it means for users.

    What is Wi-Fi 7?

    The standard supports important technology updates.

    Faster Wi-Fi  : Wi-Fi 7 offers peak bandwidths of up to  40 Gbps  and  46 Gbps  [PDF], which is nearly four times faster than Wi-Fi 6 (9.6 Gbps).

    • 320 MHz Wi-Fi channels  : Wi-Fi 7 will support a wider channel bandwidth, up to 320 MHz, compared to the maximum width of 160 MHz in Wi-Fi 6. This allows for more efficient data transfer and significantly increases bandwidth.
    • Multichannel Operation  : MLO allows devices to transmit and receive data in multiple frequency bands simultaneously, increasing reliability and reducing latency between your devices. MLO is one of the most exciting developments in Wi-Fi 7, as it will significantly increase the amount of data available between your router and devices.
    • High-order modulation  : Wi-Fi 7 will support 4K QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation), which provides a 20% increase in transmission speed compared to the 1024 QAM used in Wi-Fi 6.

    And more specifically, is it better than Wi-Fi 7?

    Collected data in one table.

    Is it time to run to the store for new devices?

    Of course not. In theory, the characteristics of Wi-Fi 7 are excellent, but the standard has just appeared, and some gadgets support it.

    However, new technologies are entering our lives so quickly that it may be worth thinking about buying new devices in the near future.