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Главная страница » The State Intelligence Service warns of the danger of a fraudulent scheme using the credit cards of Ukrainians

The State Intelligence Service warns of the danger of a fraudulent scheme using the credit cards of Ukrainians

    The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (State Special Communications) of Ukraine has warned of the danger of a fraudulent credit card scheme that continues to spread throughout the country, and reminds of criminal liability.

    “Recently, there have been ads on social networks offering to rent a bank card. They promise a good fee (approximately one thousand hryvnias per day), nothing else needs to be done. There may also be ads offering easy work, where the “employer” immediately asks for a card number for crediting “salary” or with an offer to open a bank account in his own name to receive and transfer funds on behalf of another person… It is important to understand: behind every such offer is a dangerous fraud scheme,” the State Special Service reported link in a post on Facebook.  

    According to her, the name “drops” (from English to drop) or “money mules” has been fixed for the participants of such a scheme. These are persons who allow a third party (fraudster) for a financial reward to use their bank account for operations with funds of illegal origin.

    “Drops” transfer illegally obtained funds through various bank accounts using their payment cards. This is done in order to complicate the work of the investigation. Such a process enables criminal groups to operate in different countries while remaining in the shadows.

    As a rule, these are funds obtained illegally – through drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, phishing, other serious crimes.

    In addition, bank cards can be used to carry out financial transactions related to illegal activities, for example, for the operation of online casinos that do not have a license, tax evasion, etc., the State Intelligence Service adds.

    They noted that most often the “drop” does not understand that he has become part of a fraudulent scheme. Even if he inquires, the fraudsters will always tell some beautiful and believable legend.

    The main danger is that the “money mule” is an accomplice to the crime, the lower link of the criminal scheme, which the law enforcement officers find the fastest. Participation in such schemes can have serious consequences – fines, confiscation of property and even imprisonment, the State Intelligence Service warned.

    Ukrainians are urged to be more careful with offers for easy earnings, to avoid suspicious offers and not to agree to participate in dubious schemes.

    People who suspect that they have become “drops” are advised to contact the Cyber ​​Police by submitting a statement on its website, as well as to the bank where the account was used for money laundering.