Consulting company

With headquarter in Kiev, Ukraine, SV-Consulting, LLC provides superior consulting services for companies which operate in the areas of telecommunication, information and high technologies.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding consulting service, which leads to increasing flexibility and greater value. As expert in telecommunication and information technologies, SV-Consulting, LLC is involved in finding and attracting foreign investments, supporting investment projects, creating and supporting projects in information technologies, telecommunication advanced networking, digital television and media resources.

Our clients include the leading telecom service companies and communications equipment suppliers. Companies that choose SV-Consulting, and among them are national and regional operators of mobile and fixed communications, ISPs, international equipment suppliers, state science researches institutes, investment funds and banks value our role as their trusted adviser. We've completed tens of projects to help telecommunication companies address the many changes occurring in the industry. Our projects have focused on results-oriented strategies in the following areas:

Mergers and acquisitions


Cost reduction


Improving decision effectiveness

Complexity reduction

Pricing policy

SV-Consulting, LLC helps leading telecommunications companies to make strategic decisions about where to play in the future ecosystem, how to benefit from new content delivery models and how to partner with media and technology players to increase revenue pools.

As boundary between telecommunications, technology and government authorities SV-Consulting, LLC brings the expertise of its telecommunication consultancy practices to our telecommunications clients.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes SV-Consulting, LLC the ideal choice as consulting firm in Ukraine.