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Offers both individual technical and marketing tasks and comprehensive solutions for the development strategy of the entire asset, with an assessment of possible risks, the impact of the competitive environment and market advantages, placement and attraction of investments in the domestic and foreign markets.


Merger and Acquisition;
Placement of investments;

The most attractive information assets of Ukraine.

Development of enterprise strategy;
Selection and delivery of equipment;

All types of information and telecommunications networks and network elements.

Systems construction;

Automated hardware and software remote control.

Network deployment;

TV and hybrid services.


Existing assets to assess market value or determine performance with practical recommendations.

Technical Audit;
Legalization of parts of the network;
Increasing the effectiveness of sales and advertising;
Analytical support;
Public relation
PR support;
Development and implementation of individual programs;
Attracting investment;

News digest

The news digest from SV-Consulting, which is prepared every working day, pays special attention to the market of information and telecommunications and high technologies. The digest also publishes exclusive analytical materials prepared by analysts of SV-consulting.

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