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There was a massive blackout in the US

    In the United States of America, there was a large-scale failure in the work of one of the largest American telecommunications companies, AT&T.

    According to CNN , the failure led to the fact that the company’s customers across the territory of the United States could not make calls, send text messages and go online. Verizon and T-Mobile customers also reported problems, but the companies said they didn’t have any problems — maybe people just couldn’t get in touch with AT&T users.

    According to the DownDetector website  , more than 74,000 people have reported problems with AT&T. The company acknowledged the widespread outage, but did not specify the cause of the system failure. “Some of our customers are experiencing wireless outages this morning. We are urgently working to restore their service,” they said.

    The source told reporters that the problem may be related to peering. According to him, there are no indications that the outages occurred as a result of a cyber attack.

    Failures led to the disruption of a number of services. For example, the San Francisco emergency department reported that its 911 center was not receiving all calls, and in the state of Ohio, an outage affected the operation of the Upper Arlington fire alarm system.