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Главная страница » The Estonian operator is shutting down the 3G network throughout the country

The Estonian operator is shutting down the 3G network throughout the country

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    The telecommunications company Telia, which provides mobile communication services in Estonia, is starting to turn off 3G networks. This decision was made in connection with the plan to transition to more modern 4G and 5G standards, the operator’s official website says .

    The shutdown of the 3G network will begin at the end of February and will continue until the end of this year. The disconnection will take place in stages, in different regions of Estonia.

    According to the schedule, Läenemaa, Pärnumaa and Raplamaa will be the first regions where the shutdown will begin. The process will then spread to other regions, including Järvamaa, Tartu and others.

    The telecommunications company Telia asks customers to pay attention to the fact that after disconnection of the 3G network, devices connected only to this network will stop working. To avoid inconvenience, the company offers to upgrade its devices to modern models that support 4G and 5G networks.

    Thus, Telia is starting the transition to more modern communication standards, which will improve the quality of voice and data transmission services. However, for those who are still using devices connected only to 3G network, it is necessary to update their devices to use the operator’s services.

    Detailed schedule of Telia 3G network outages in different regions of Estonia:

    • February 28, 2023 – Läenemaa.
    • 31.03.2023 – Pärnumaa and Raplamaa.
    • 04/30/2023 – Harju County.
    • 31.05.2023 – Tallinn.
    • 30.09.2023 – Ida-Virumaa, Läene-Virumaa, Hiiumaa and Saaremaa.
    • 31.10.2023 – Viljandimaa, Jigevamaa and Järvamaa.
    • 30.11.2023 – Tartu, Valgamaa, Pilvamaa and Virumaa.

    We previously reported that operators in Greece and Great Britain are also starting to turn off 3G networks .