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MuWNS: analogue of satellite navigation for underground premises

    Japanese scientists have developed a new navigation technology.

    Japanese engineers from the University of Tokyo have introduced an innovative technology called the Muometric Wireless Navigation System (MuWNS). This system, based on the use of cosmic rays, can become an analogue of satellite navigation for basements, caves, underground spaces and underwater. A team of researchers has successfully developed and tested this technology, which allows indoor movement to be tracked with high accuracy – up to a couple of meters.

    Working with muons

    The main advantage of the MuWNS system is its ability to operate in environments where traditional navigation systems such as GPS encounter physical obstacles. MuWNS uses muons, particles that can penetrate rock and water, instead of the radio signals used by GPS or GLONASS.

    Field trials

    The first field tests of the MuWNS system showed its high efficiency. The scientists set up four muon detectors on the sixth floor of the building, and the subject was in the basement with a fifth, portable unit. The subject’s location was determined using triangulation, similar to the operation of GPS and other satellite systems.

    The coordinates were calculated based on the muon transit time between the detectors and the user. The accuracy of MuWNS ranged from two to 25 meters, which, according to the authors of the study, is quite enough for many practical tasks, such as tracking equipment working underground or searching for people.

    Muometric Wireless Navigation System (MuWNS)

    Application prospects

    MuWNS has a wide range of applications. This technology could be useful for a variety of industries, including construction, mining, rescue, and archeology. It opens up new possibilities for reliable and accurate tracking of people and vehicles inside underground locations where traditional navigation systems may not be effective.

    The MuWNS system represents a significant advance in the field of underground navigation and can be an important tool for ensuring safety and efficiency in difficult conditions. Earlier we reported on the development of another navigation system called SuperGPS.