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Главная страница » Kyivstar launches Ukraine’s first RTK precision positioning network

Kyivstar launches Ukraine’s first RTK precision positioning network

    Mobile operator Kyivstar will launch an RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) precision positioning service by the end of September, which is expected to be primarily in demand in the agricultural and defense sectors.

    This was announced by the company’s president Alexander Komarov at the meeting of business leaders “EBA Global Outlook: New Economy of Ukraine”, organized by the European Business Association (EBA)

    “This month we are launching the first RTK network. These are sensors that provide very high accuracy GPS signals in Ukraine. We are launching together with an American company…” said Alexander Komarov.

    According to him, it is expected that the largest customer of the service will be the agricultural sector.

    “The technology will allow equipment to work with an accuracy of up to two centimeters,” Komarov noted.

    The President of Kyivstar expressed the hope that the defense sector, in particular, could also be a major customer of the service.

    “We hope that our defense forces could be a major customer for this service – there is also a request for precise positioning there,” he said.

    According to Komarov, Kyivstar, together with the Ministry of Defense, is already implementing a large pilot project using satellite communications.

    We remind you:

    RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology processes the signal from the navigation satellite system (GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System) and helps to obtain coordinates for equipment online in real time with an accuracy of 2.5 cm. The RTK system consists of a network of ground-based GNSS base stations, software, satellite dish, uninterruptible power supply and communications equipment.