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Главная страница » Kyivstar intends to transfer subscribers from 3G to 4G – so far in two cities of Ukraine

Kyivstar intends to transfer subscribers from 3G to 4G – so far in two cities of Ukraine

    Mobile operator Kyivstar intends to implement a strategic plan to transfer subscribers from 3G technology to faster and more modern 4G. This will allow the provider to improve the quality of communications and Internet services for millions of users, writes NV.

    Kyivstar turned to the National Commission for Regulation of Electronic Communications (NKEC) with a request for permission to test LTE (4G) technology at frequencies that are currently used for 3G (UMTS).

    Testing of new 4G (LTE) base stations will be carried out in two cities of Ukraine – Kolomyia and Sumy. This will allow Kyivstar to evaluate the performance of the technology in various conditions.

    The tests will last two months – from October 10 to December 10, 2023. The testing program includes the following stages:

    • Informing subscribers : Kyivstar will provide subscribers with information about the upcoming testing through SMS messages, Viber messenger, social networks, outgoing calls to 3G users in the above cities.
    • SIM Replacement : Subscribers will be offered expedited replacement of their SIM cards with USIM to support 4G network. Kyivstar will provide assistance in setting up 4G on smartphones.
    • Increasing 2G network capacity : The company will install additional transceivers to expand the capacity of the 2G network.
    • Monitoring and Tracking : During the tests, the load on the 2G network will be constantly monitored, as well as monitoring voice quality and determining the percentage of unsuccessful connections.

    According to the document, the operator expects that the Internet speed for subscribers will increase significantly – by about 5-10 times. At the same time, the delay of data packets will also be reduced, which will make Internet surfing and the use of mobile services faster and more convenient.

    Kyivstar is actively working to improve its network to provide a better communication experience for its customers, and this transition from 3G to 4G is one of the important steps in this direction.