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Главная страница » In Ukraine, an AI tool was created to analyze telephone conversations

In Ukraine, an AI tool was created to analyze telephone conversations

    The Ukrainian IT company Netpeak Group, specializing in Internet marketing services, continues to expand its capabilities. Its subsidiary Ringostat has released Ringostat AI, a product based on artificial intelligence that helps sales teams solve the problem of lengthy call analysis.

    With the help of Ringostat AI, sales managers will be able to significantly reduce the time spent on monitoring and analyzing conversations. This is especially relevant in cases where it is necessary to evaluate the work of many employees.

    The product allows you to automatically analyze and decode call audio recordings and provide advice on next steps. Managers can only draw a professional conclusion based on the data provided.

    Ringostat AI works with audio recordings of conversations that take place on the Ringostat platform . The product provides reporting for each call, as well as the ability to view summary information about all dialogues. This allows you to instantly identify the most important calls and respond to them in a timely manner.

    Ringostat AI is designed to solve the problem of long-term call analysis, which allows you to save time for team control. The innovative product quickly and efficiently translates dialogue from the language of communication into a format understandable to the user, analyzes and decodes information, provides recommendations for further steps. Thanks to this, the manager can focus on his professional work without spending time on call analysis.

    The solution provided by Ringostat AI will be useful for small and medium-sized businesses that have limited time and resources. It will help improve the quality of service and reduce the effort required to achieve the desired result. In addition, decoding the most successful dialogues can serve as a good basis for training newcomers and improving the work of the entire team.

    What information does Ringostat AI provide?

    Ringostat AI analyzes each call and provides detailed information about the dialogue between the manager and the customer:

    • The service transcribes the conversation, translating it into English, so that the manager can evaluate the work of the team, even if he does not speak the client’s language. Decoded text allows faster perception of information visually, which reduces the time needed to analyze the dialogue by ear.
    • The AI ​​assigns a score to each conversation that reflects how important it is to pay attention to the dialogue. The rating is on a scale of 1 to 10 and is accompanied by a brief description explaining why the dialogue needs attention.
    • The AI ​​tool provides a list of key conversation points and advice on the best next steps for a manager to take after speaking with a customer. For example, a manager can send documents or additional information about a product to a customer.
    • AI captures the mistakes a manager makes during a conversation and provides a concise description of their meaning. This allows managers to improve their skills and avoid similar mistakes in the future.
    • AI forms conclusions about whether the manager succeeded in completing the client’s task and predicts the likelihood of a sale. In addition, the service captures the general mood of the conversation and displays it for both participants of the dialogue.

    All of these factors help managers understand which parts of their business need improvement and which aspects can be focused on to increase their company’s productivity.