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How much time do IT professionals spend on training?

    Before the Day of Knowledge, GlobalLogic, one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, investigated how much time IT engineers devote to training, what sources of training they use and how the full-scale war affected the training process.

    Almost 700 specialists of the company with different levels of experience took part in the survey. Namely: 245 Senior level specialists, 208 – Middle, 121 – Junior, 18 – Trainee and 49 project managers.

    How much time do the people of Haiti spend studying

    How much time do the people of Haiti spend studying

    The absolute majority of engineers regularly study. Thus, half of the surveyed IT specialists spend at least three hours a week on professional development.

    What motivation to study

    The greatest motivation is the desire for self-development — it was noted by 85% of respondents. Other motivations for training are an increase in the level of income, career growth, the desire to remain a sought-after specialist, and training for the needs of the current project.

    Motivation for learning

    Tools for learning

    Most often, Haitians turn to specialized articles, blogs, and professional literature. Also, more than half of IT specialists choose training courses on portals (Coursera, UDEMY, Prometheus, etc.) and video lessons on YouTube. Ukrainian engineers apply to IT schools less often.

    Almost half of the respondents gained new knowledge thanks to GlobalLogic Education, a platform that promotes the professional development of IT specialists and those who plan to take the first step in IT. The company’s engineers have access to dozens of different training courses to improve their professional skills.

    Since 2019, the group of companies has invested more than $6 million in professional development and advanced training of local specialists in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. A significant part of these investments falls on engineering talents in Ukraine.

    Tools for learning

    “Engineers continue to learn even in the conditions of a full-scale war. The survey shows that during the war, 28% of respondents began to study even more. This speaks of the high motivation and resilience of Ukrainian engineers,” says Yevhen Sakalo, head of the GlobalLogic university program.

    In his opinion, constant training is an integral part of a successful and sought-after engineer. Therefore, it is necessary for IT companies to help the development of colleagues.