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How 5G will change smartphones in the next 5 years

    Although 5G technology was introduced almost five years ago, its implementation has only recently begun to gain momentum. The portal Gizmochina named three consequences of this for the smartphone industry.

    1. New technologies in smartphones

    The properties of 5G networks, including low latency and improved data upload and download speeds, are likely to lead to mass adoption of virtual reality (VR) applications. These technologies have been around for a long time, but their capabilities are limited by older generations of mobile networks.

    2. More coverage

    Telecom giants can deploy 5G by leveraging their existing ecosystem as well as by expanding connectivity to cellular networks.

    3. Smartphones will become more affordable

    It is possible that telecommunications companies will offer more attractive options for customers who want to switch to a new 5G smartphone. In addition, phone manufacturers themselves will release more affordable models.