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German railway network to get gigabit internet

    In Germany, they set a goal to provide train passengers with the opportunity to access gigabit Internet.

    Telefonica Deutschland, Ericsson and Vantage Towers have teamed up on a partially government-funded project to bring high-quality 5G wireless communications to the German railway network.

    The trio of companies will work with national rail operator Deutsche Bahn to implement the plan, which includes 6.4 million euros in public funding and runs until the end of 2024.

    The implementation of this plan should contribute to the achievement of the goals set by the authorities of the country aimed at ensuring the availability of gigabit Internet speeds throughout the railway network and laying the foundations for meeting the expected increased demands of passengers and infrastructure elements.

    The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV) said in a statement that the project participants will jointly study “concepts for technical solutions” as well as propose “legal and regulatory frameworks and business models.” The project provides for the creation of a test site on a 10-kilometer section of the route with several types of networks and structures of supports for their study and evaluation.

    Ericsson added that among the options being considered are towers that can be “securely anchored to the ground without the need for expensive and less stable concrete foundations.” Such a solution should save time and reduce the impact of construction and installation work on the environment.

    During the tests, among other things, it is planned to use Telefonica Germany’s 3.6GHz band frequencies for 5G needs in order to increase the data transfer rate.

    The project implementation plan also includes the development of proposals for “cooperation models” between tower companies, rail operators and mobile operators to share assets without prejudice to competition.