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Главная страница » Estonia issues licenses to 5G network operators

Estonia issues licenses to 5G network operators

    The Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (TTJA) has issued licenses for the development of 5G networks in the 24.7-27.1 GHz band.

    The Department’s official statement says that three telecommunications companies, Elisa, Telia and Tele2, took part in the frequency competition. Each of them received two frequencies. In total, this gave them the right to use 800 MHz of the frequency resource at the national level.

    Commenting on the results of the competition, TTJA CEO Christy Tulving said, “Now that the third 5G Frequency License Competition has concluded, which should result in the sale of the last frequencies from the three major 5G bands, we are again taking a big and very important step, bringing us closer to the advent of self-propelled vehicles and real-time services. We look forward to the revolutionary changes that the coming years will bring us. Today, the prerequisites are set for another leap in technological development, which will allow more and more people and companies to receive ultra-fast data connections.”

    Estonian Minister of Economics and Information Technology Tiit Riisalo added: “The development of 5G technology stimulates innovation and strengthens the international competitiveness of companies operating in Estonia, opening up new opportunities for process automation and digitization. And although the process of issuing frequency permits for the development of 5G networks in Estonia took longer than in several other European countries, the most important auctions have already been held and permits have been issued. This means that Estonia can quickly move forward in the development of 5G use cases. At the same time, close competition between communication companies ensures efficient provision of access to high-speed internet to people all over Estonia.”

    Companies that participated in the tender made the following contributions: Elisa EUR 1,625,525; Telia €1,602,223; Tele2 1,600,000 euros.