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Главная страница » Cisco and T-Mobile are promoting Meraki mobile gateways for fixed 5G connections

Cisco and T-Mobile are promoting Meraki mobile gateways for fixed 5G connections

    As part of participation in the MWC 2023 exhibition, Cisco and T-Mobile announced plans to jointly promote the Meraki family of solutions for the organization of fixed 5G connections.

    With the full-featured Cisco Meraki platform for secure software-defined branches (SD-branch), T-Mobile for Business customers will be able to take advantage of the Cisco Meraki cloud platform on the largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network in America. T-Mobile’s managed service will offer a number of advanced features based on the Cisco Meraki platform, including:

    – Same-day connection: fast connection of branches; true automatic initialization without the need for training and on-site support.
    – Resilient WAN: Cisco Meraki’s always-on 5G FWA cloud service running on T-Mobile’s network offers reliable WAN services for mission-critical business operations and an enhanced experience for customers and employees.
    – Reliable performance: up to 2 Gbps for incoming and 300 Mbps for upstream.
    – Lower Latency: Enabling many new uses at the network edge with lower latency than 4G.
    – Security and performance. Advanced network security and SD-Branch capabilities on the Cisco Meraki platform, including Cisco Meraki Auto VPN, firewall, traffic shaping, threat protection, content filtering, and built-in security protocols such as WPA2-Enterprise.

    “With Cisco, we’ve achieved many milestones in 5G and become a global leader, and today is no exception as T-Mobile is the first to offer this cutting-edge Cisco Meraki technology,” said Mishka Dehgan, senior vice president of strategy, products and solutions, division T-Mobile Business Group. “This marks another important achievement in how T-Mobile is providing businesses with the fastest and easiest way to scale their 5G business Internet anywhere.”

    “The future of connectivity is wireless, and both Cisco and T-Mobile are helping customers in all industries understand how 5G wireless technology can transform their business,” said Masum Sweet, senior vice president of mobility, Cisco Networking. “Together, we’re leading the new era of 5G, helping businesses from small to large with simple, secure and reliable connectivity solutions that help them scale and grow quickly.”