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Главная страница » ChatGPT answered about the state of communication in Ukraine

ChatGPT answered about the state of communication in Ukraine

    Recently, chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT became available to Ukrainians. You can connect to it on the official OpenAI developer page , so you don’t need to download it.

    HiTech.Expert decided to test ChatGPT by asking several questions about the state of the connection. It turned out that he skillfully answers questions in Ukrainian on the fly. Moreover, before that there was information that ChatGPT often makes mistakes and does not have a modern context, as it was trained on the arrays of information until 2021. But, it is obvious that he quickly assimilates the latest events and already knows about Russia’s war against Ukraine. Here please.

    What is the current state of communication in Ukraine?

    I, as an artificial intelligence, cannot provide up-to-date information about the state of communication in Ukraine at the moment. I recommend contacting the communication providers in Ukraine or using search engines to find news and updates on this issue.

    And how many communication providers are currently in Ukraine?

    At the moment, there are several communication providers operating in Ukraine, including the following companies:

    • Vodafone Ukraine (formerly MTS Ukraine)
    • Kyivstar
    • lifecell
    • TriMob (launched as “3Mob” and changed name in 2017)

    In addition to these main mobile operators, Ukraine also has several smaller providers operating in different regions of the country. Also, there are many fixed line providers that offer broadband Internet and telephony services through cable networks.

    Did the hostilities in different regions of Ukraine damage the networks?

    Unfortunately, there were cases in Ukraine when communication networks were damaged as a result of hostilities and conflicts in different regions of the country.

    For example, during the war in eastern Ukraine, militants often attacked communication infrastructure, in particular, destroyed antennas, network nodes, and telephone lines. This led to interruptions in the work of mobile communications and the Internet in certain areas.

    Also, in 2022, during the Russian aggression against Ukraine, cases of damage to the communication network in the war zone were recorded. However, communication providers did their best to restore networks as soon as possible and provide communication in the affected areas.