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Broadband Internet: where is the cheapest and where is the most expensive?

    From January 2 to March 1, 2023, experts collected and analyzed data on the cost of 3,356 broadband Internet access packages in 219 countries around the world.

    As a result, Sudan was found to offer the world’s cheapest broadband internet, with an average cost of US$2.30 per month. And the African state of Burundi is the most expensive place in the world for those who want to get fixed broadband Internet: the average package price here is 383.79 US dollars per month.

    Countries with the cheapest broadband Internet in the world (price per month):

    1. Sudan – $2.30

    Despite poor telecommunications infrastructure and improved access to mobile broadband services, fixed broadband in Sudan remains cheap, though not very accessible to the public.

    2. Kazakhstan – $5.11

    In second place was Kazakhstan, where broadband Internet is becoming cheaper, despite the decline in interest in such services. The market is expected to pick up again over the next few years, especially when it comes to 4G/LTE.

    3. Moldova – 7.03 dollars.

    Although fixed broadband penetration in Moldova is much lower compared to other European countries, there is still ample room for growth and the number of fixed broadband Internet subscribers in Moldova continues to grow steadily.

    4. Belarus – $7.34

    Belarus, where more than 85% of the population has a broadband connection, offers everyone cheap Internet, and also pays great attention to the development of the IT sector. The speed in this country is also growing thanks to investments in fiber optic networks.

    5. Romania – $7.57

    Romania has a well developed broadband Internet infrastructure and is considered one of the countries with the fastest broadband speeds in Europe. The country has made significant investments in broadband infrastructure over the years, which has led to the widespread adoption of high-speed Internet services.

    6. Ukraine – $7.87

    Broadband service coverage in Ukraine differs significantly depending on the region. Urban areas usually have better coverage, while rural areas often lack access to high-speed internet. In general, the broadband infrastructure in Ukraine is still developing, but it is rapidly improving. Providers are making huge efforts to increase coverage and speed across the country. It should be noted that the average cost of broadband in a war-torn country does not exceed $8 per month. But at the same time, Ukraine still left the TOP 5 countries with affordable Internet. Recall that in 2020, Ukraine ranked first in the global ranking with an average cost of broadband Internet of $6.41 per month.

    Countries with the most expensive broadband internet in the world (price per month):

    1. Burundi – $383.79.
    2. Suriname – 269.44 dollars.
    3. Zimbabwe – 201.00 dollars.
    4. Turks and Caicos Islands – $199.00
    5. Democratic Republic of the Congo – $193.46.

    Baltic countries

    Three Baltic countries made it into the TOP 90. If we talk about the region as a whole, the Baltics rank fourth in the ranking of the cheapest Internet with an average regional price of 23.59 US dollars. Latvia showed the best results, being in 24th place with an average price of 15.44 US dollars. Next comes Lithuania – it is in 38th place with an average price of 18.97 US dollars. Estonia is in third place among the Baltic countries, or 84th in the overall ranking, with the average cost of broadband internet here being US$36.37 per month.

    CIS (former USSR)

    Of the 12 CIS countries in the list of 50 countries with the cheapest Internet, you can find everything, with the exception of Turkmenistan. This makes the region the cheapest in terms of the cost of broadband Internet. The average monthly cost of the Internet in the region is $14.99. The cheapest countries were Kazakhstan ($5.11, 2nd), Moldova ($7.03, 3rd) and Belarus ($7.34, 4th). For comparison, the most expensive countries in the region were Turkmenistan ($45.80, 109th), Tajikistan ($23.85, 49th) and Armenia ($16.84, 29th). From year to year the situation remains stable, but sometimes some countries drop out of the list simply because it becomes impossible to get information about Internet prices outside the country. For example, this year the Russian Federation dropped out of the list for this reason.

    Eastern Europe

    There are 14 countries in Eastern Europe and all of them are in the top half of the rankings, with one (Romania) in the top ten and another 11 in the top 50. The average cost of Internet in the region is $19.22 per month, making it the second cheapest region in the world. The three cheapest countries were Romania ($7.57, 5th), Bulgaria ($12.71, 16th) and Kosovo ($12.76, 17th). The top three most expensive are Slovenia ($42.54, 98th), the Czech Republic ($24.04, 51st) and Montenegro ($23.41, 48th).

    Western Europe

    29 countries in Western Europe are located in the middle and bottom of the table, while none made it to the top 50, and two were among the bottom 50. The average regional Internet price of $50.87 makes the region the seventh cheapest out of 13 global regions in total. The cheapest country in the region was Malta ($27.41, 59th), followed by Italy ($28.69, 64th) and Portugal ($31.67, 69th). Norway was the most expensive ($87.36, 185th), followed by the Faroe Islands ($83.59, 179th) and Iceland ($78.04, 170th).