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BlueWalker satellite provides data download speeds at the 4G network level

    The powerful satellite prototype has proven capable of delivering consistent 4G download speeds to unmodified consumer phones.

    The company AST SpaceMobile reported that the BlueWalker 3 low-orbit satellite developed by it during the tests repeatedly demonstrated the possibility of downloading data to user devices at a level of 10 Mbps. This is a major milestone for the company as it continues to build the first and only space-based cellular broadband network to date, called SpaceMobile.

    SpaceMobile’s network is designed to provide 4G/5G connectivity anywhere in the world, allowing you to connect to it using standard smartphones. The ultimate goal of developing this technology is to improve the connectivity of the global community, and especially those who live in regions with little or no coverage.

    Also, this innovative technology should provide coverage expansion for companies providing wireless services by filling gaps and dead zones in their networks. AST plans to directly connect conventional mobile phones to the space-based broadband satellite cellular network. And this means that users will be able to access the Internet from almost anywhere without having to make any modifications to their device.

    AST SpaceMobile plans to launch 168 satellites into orbit. The first 20 of them w ill be designed to cover the equatorial regions. The next 90 are to create significant global coverage, and the remaining 58 are to create additional capacity.

    Earlier this year, AST SpaceMobile, with the help of AT&T, was able to connect a commercially available Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone to an Earth-orbiting satellite to make a two-way voice call .