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A new National Numbering Plan has entered into force in Ukraine

    A new National Numbering Plan has entered into force in Ukraine , which defines new standards and innovations in the field of electronic communications. The project of this plan was developed during the years 2018-2023 by the joint efforts of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association of Telecommunications Operators “Telas”, the National Commission for State Regulation in the Fields of Electronic Communications, Radio Frequency Spectrum and Service Provision of Postal Communications (NKEK) and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

    According to NKEK, the National Numbering Plan provides for the following changes and innovations:

    • Introduction of the ability to allocate and use both two-digit and three-digit destination network codes, which will allow more efficient allocation and use of limited numbering resources and will simplify market entry for new providers of mobile communication networks when deploying networks with a capacity of up to 1 million numbers
    • Preservation of the current 9-digit number format of mobile communication networks and increasing the capacity of these networks to 10 million numbers by removing restrictions on the use of the digits “0” and “1” as the first digits of subscriber numbers.
    • Creation of conditions for the use of three-digit destination network codes (Destination Network Code, DN code) for organizing the deployment of national M2M/IoT networks with increased subscriber capacity, namely with a capacity of up to 1 billion E.164 numbers.
    • Canceling the artificial division of numbers 12X, 15XX, 16XX, 106XX, 14XXX into “abbreviated” and “only abbreviated” numbers to simplify their further distribution and more efficient use on fixed and mobile communication networks.
    • Addressing the use of abbreviated numbers whose first digits start from 2 to 9 by including a new term.
    • “Intra-network number”, which is not publicly available for public networks, but can be used to provide electronic communication services to subscribers only within the electronic communication network(s) of a particular service provider.
    • Updating the names of emergency services, access to which is provided by numbers 101, 102, 103, 104 and 112, as well as regulating the specifics of the organization of connections with operational and dispatching services that carry out emergency communications and with “Service 112” communication centers, in including when transmitting information about the subscriber’s location using AML/ELS technology.
    • By improving the distribution of E.212 identifiers by including in the Numbering Plan the description of the format of international mobile subscriber identifiers IMSI, which is established by the Recommendation of the International Telecommunication Union ITU-T Rec.E.212 “International Identification Plan for Public Use Networks and Subscribers”, as well as the introduction of the possibility of allocation of two-digit and three-digit codes of MNC mobile networks.
    • A significant reduction in the number of reserve two-digit destination network codes from 20 to 3 and the withdrawal of 17 two-digit or 170 three-digit codes from the reserve, respectively, which will be available for further primary distribution in accordance with the procedure established by law, i.e. without agreement with the central executive authority in the field of electronic communications.
    • Defining the description and format of an alpha-numerological name as a sequence of letters and/or symbols and/or decimal digits in the address portion of a text message or call that is used to identify the sender of such message or the originator of the call instead of presenting a number.

    The new Numbering Plan will allow to unblock the development process and by the end of 2023, to start providing administrative services for issuing, reissuing, and extending the validity period of permits for using numbering resources.