Consulting services

SV-Consulting, LLC is positioned itself in the market as the company of "turnkey solutions". Moreover, according to our experts, the decisions on a turnkey basis are the most in demand at this stage of development of information society, taking into account the state of the dynamic of the globalization of the Ukrainian market, economic conditions and technological progress worldwide and in Ukraine, in particular.

SV-Consulting, LLC offers fulfillment of certain technical and marketing problems, solutions of the closed cycle with the development of strategy of the resource, estimating possible risks, influencing factors from the competitive environment, accommodation and attraction of investments.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • mergers and acquisitions;

  • investment in the most attractive information assets of Ukraine;

  • development strategy of the enterprise;

  • design of networks;

  • selection and delivery of equipment;

  • construction of all kinds of information and telecommunication networks and network elements;

  • construction of automated software and hardware remote control;

  • development of television networks and networks with a hybrid set of services;

  • audit of existing assets to assess the market value or determine the effectiveness of the preparation of practical recommendations;

  • technical audit;

  • legalization of network elements;

  • improving the efficiency of sales and advertising;

  • analytical support;

  • PR-support;

  • development and implementation of specific programs aimed at the computerization of individual territories, and socially important programs on a national scale;

  • attracting of investments.

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