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"Closed" digital TV channels received an offer from the National Council on TV and Radio to sue "Zeonbud"

Representatives of the National Council on TV and radio have taken note of its partial implementation of their decisions by "Zeonbud" how to unlock with digital TV channels in its network. This decision was taken at a meeting of the regulator, which was held today, says to «».

September 10th the company "Zeonbud" started broadcasting 16 Ukrainian TV channels in the clear. In particular, proved to be "open" channels such as NTN, "New Channel", STB, TET, "Tonis", UT-1, "Ukraine", "Mega", M1, K-1, "Inter», ICTV, «channel 5 ", 2 + 2, 1 + 1, and" the enter the film. "

But "Zeonbud" has not unlocked 16 of its channels-licensees, including TV channel "Goldberi" M2, K2 and others.

In spite of this, on September 11 the National Council was not able to notice any sanctions to the provider of the still "closed" channels. Earlier, the regulator said on revocation of the license "Zeonbud" through the courts. But for such a decision is adopted by only two members of the National Council, and it was not accepted.

"I will personally contact the TV stations that are still locked so that they served you in court. Because you are violating their rights "- promised the head of the National Council Yuri Artyomenko by contacting an "Zeonbud".

According to the decision of the National Council of July 16, 2014, all television stations in the network "Zeonbud" should be in the public domain. The regulator gave the company a month, for which must be fulfilled decision. But the company has not complied with an order already issued on August 21 the National Council warning to it and re-recommended the withdrawal of the encoding until September 6.

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