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"Kyivstar" proposed business to pay 75 kopecks for roaming

Each user "Kyivstar", which is served on the tariff plans of the business line, will be able to call in roaming for the price of 75 kopecks. per minute.

The service is called "Free Roaming for business", which subscribers use prepaid service since the spring, and is now available for business. At the same time takes into account the needs of business customers, who even on vacation should be always connected - the amount of minutes in the daily package within the service became more and cost less than a minute on the contrary has become (in some countries up to 75 kopecks. including VAT and PF).

Under the terms of this service for business customers the cost of incoming and outgoing calls on the territory of these countries, such as Georgia, Italy, Russia and Kazakhstan, is 0,75 UAH. per minute, the cost of 1 MB of Internet traffic also is 0,75 UAH. Below and become a cost of 1 SMS - it is 0,75 UAH. Prices are inclusive of taxes and services as part of the package. For all packet minutes MB or SMS will be given a new packet (and so on up to 20 times a day).

On the territory of countries such as UK, USA, France, Spain, Turkey and other cost per minute for incoming and outgoing calls is 2.5 USD., The cost of 1 MB of data traffic - 1.5 UAH., The cost of sending a text message - 0, 75 UAH. In this case, the services will be paid by a subscriber when he will use it.

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