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MTS may not become a party to contest for the 3G license

Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of non-admission to the competition for 3G operators with more than 50% of Russian shareholders was approved by NCCIR, says "Ukrainian News".

The National Commission, which carries out the state regulation in the field of communication and information, approved the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, through which the competition for licenses to provide third-generation (3G) can not take part of the controlling block of shares (more than half) belongs to the shareholders of Russia.

At the meeting, which took place on Tuesday, representatives NCCIR without changes approved project of the Cabinet of Ministers, under the terms of which the competition for 3G frequencies may not be admitted to one of three players in the market of mobile communication in Ukraine -Companies "MTS-Ukraine", all shares of which are owned by the Russian company "Mobile TeleSystems".

The draft also says that the competition will be exhibited 3 licenses for 30 MHz, the starting price of which will be on 2,443 hrvn.

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